Last Updated : 5 Jun 2016




The Moores were one of the earliest families to settle in Liverpool. Sir Edward Moore of the thirteenth century claimed that his ancestors had built Townsend Mill. The family may have taken their name from the moorish piece of ground that lay to the north of the upper end of "the pool". The family seat was "More Hall".

In 1207 Moore Street was one of seven streets in Liverpool. Ranuf de Mora (Moore) was first recorded 'reeve' or chief magistrate in 1246. Bank Hall in Kirkdale was built by Thomas Moore in 1388/89 [08].

In 1516, Oldhall Street was made an open road to the fields by agreement with William Moore of 'The Oldhall'.

John Moore (1599-1650) was Mayor of Liverpool 1633. He was also colonel of the forces in the Castle (south end of Castle Street) during the English Civil War [08].

Several new Liverpool street were laid out by Edward Moore in the seventeenth century including (in 1668) Fenwick Street and Fenwick Alley [08].